Blogging on the move…

This page is dedicated to giving advice on how best to use this blog. The main thing to note is that this blog can be managed and edited directly from one’s phone or tablet!

This blog uses the fantastically awesome WordPress as the backbone to all of the blogging functions. This means that if you’re in possession of an Apple iOS or Android-based mobile phone or tablet then you can add new or edit existing content directly from the WordPress app, and that includes adding pictures, video and sound

So first thing to do is download the app to your device; just type in the word WordPress in your AppStore (for Apple) or Play Store (for Google Android)

Once installed, on the first run the app will ask you whether you want to Create Account (create a new blog hosted on the WordPress site, e.g.: macrobert.wordpress.org) or Add Self-Hosted Site (connect the app to an existing blog). The choice in this case is obvious, you want to connect to lanochecamp.com!

Tap on Add Self-Hosted Site and from the new set of options, enter your username, password and the blog address which is:


You must type in everything exactly as shown for it to work, and when you do you’ll be able to post to your heart’s content!

This concludes the mobile blogging section. More general blogging help will follow. Feel free to ask questions of course!


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